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Callebaut is a Belgian brand, founded in 1911 in the small village of Wieze in Belgium by Octaaf Callebaut.

The birth of the "Finest Belgian Chocolate" comes after long weeks of testing and the success is at the rendezvous from the start to never leave. 

Callebaut is a quality chocolate but not only. The Callebaut brand has developed over the years to offer a wide range of derivative products such as grué, cocoa butter, praline ...

Callebaut is constantly renewing itself to offer quality products used as much by professionals as by the housewife. 

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A little history

Founded in 1911 in the small village of Wieze in Belgium.
The grandson of a brewer, it took Octaaf Callebaut many weeks of testing to master the roasting process and produce his first chocolate.

The birth of the Finest Belgian Chocolate Callebaut caused a sensation, and the brewery's neighbours and local businesses loved it. It is a great success.
In the following years, Octaaf perfected these recipes until the famous 811 (dark chocolate 54.5%), 823 (milk chocolate) and W2 (white chocolate) were developed and exported in the 1960s.

In 1988, the droplet-shaped chocolate was devised to facilitate dosage and tempering. A brilliant idea that was wholeheartedly adopted by chefs.
The same year, the first Callebaut College opened its doors to transmit the passion of the chocolate bean to chefs from all over the world.

In 1996, Callebaut merged with Barry Cacao (a French company) while remaining a 100% Belgian company and continuing to produce chocolate in the traditional way.
Callebaut is constantly renewing itself and creating something new by producing a ruby pink chocolate from cocoa beans of the same colour, a delicious fruity taste and a natural colour that will make even the most demanding gourmets swoon.

What are the different Callebaut chocolates?

You will find in our assortment a wide range of their well known chocolates in different packaging and different flavours to make all your chocolate preparations.

Dark chocolate 70,5% cocoa

It has an intense but balanced chocolate taste, dominated by a robust body of roasted cocoa, strong bitter notes and a fruity touch. This makes it the ideal chocolate to infuse your creations with a rich chocolate flavour.

Dark chocolate 54.5% cocoa

One of Octaaf Callebaut's authentic recipes that has become emblematic of the brand worldwide. The roasting of the whole beans is the guarantee of its full-bodied taste, with a robust cocoa body and light fruity notes.
This master of balance combines perfectly with a wide variety of ingredients and is suitable for all uses, whether confectionery, biscuits, sauces or drinks.

Milk chocolate 823 - 33.6% cocoa

Imagine a deep, warm colour, a smooth cocoa taste and sweet caramel notes to top it all off.
This chef's favourite chocolate has a full flavour and great workability. Marry it with a variety of spicy, fruity, milky or liqueur flavours.

White chocolate W2 - 28% cocoa

Recipe No. W2 is another of Octaaf Callebaut's original recipes that has become the favourite chocolate of many chefs. This chocolate is as Belgian as it gets, as it is made largely from the milk of cows grazing on Belgian meadows and sugar from beets grown in the region.
It has a delicate taste, with a pronounced milky and creamy side, and notes of vanilla that provide the perfect balance. W2 can be combined with many ingredients with different tastes: sour or bitter, spices and herbs, fruit or beer.
With a medium fluidity, it is a versatile chocolate.

Ruby chocolate - 47.3% cocoa

Made from the ruby cocoa bean, this chocolate contains no added colouring or fruit flavouring. Its unique taste and colour invite you to create new combinations and explore new ideas for confectionery, pastries and desserts.
With its versatile flowability, it is perfect for a wide range of uses, from moulding and coating to mousses and more.

Gold chocolate - 30.4% cocoa

Expertly crafted with a selection of ingredients such as caramelised sugar and caramelised milk, this caramel chocolate tastes like cream, butterscotch and a hint of salt. You'll love its light amber colour with golden tones.

Good to know

Each packaging reminds you of the crystallisation curve and the temperature curve to follow to obtain a beautiful, smooth, shiny chocolate that does not melt directly in your fingers.

The small drops of cocoa butter on the chocolate packaging show the fluidity of the chocolate.
They are available to make the chocolate easier to work with or to achieve your velvet effects.

Callebaut is not only about chocolate

We also offer you "Power Flower" colourings specially designed for an exceptional rendering of your coloured chocolates. The range is available in 4 colours, red, blue, yellow and white, which can be mixed to create a multitude of colours.

Very easy to use, each "flower" of colouring agents can be cut out petal by petal in order to measure out your colouring in the best possible way.

Callebaut delights us with its 50/50 hazelnut praline, an indispensable asset for your pralines, cake fillings, creams or directly for the preparation of pastries and desserts.

Discover also its caramelised hazelnut chips to make your brésiliennes crunchy, its mini cereal balls coated with chocolate to decorate easily and quickly your cupcakes

The feuilletine, a broken biscuit that gives texture to your treats.

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